World Heritage Cruises, Gordon River highlights:

See some of Australia’s oldest convict ruins on Sarah Island, a settlement which pre-dates Port Arthur by decades. Created to put the 'fear of God' into the convicts of Van Diemen’s Land, this tiny outpost of 18th Century British penal history hides a fascinating tale of human triumph over adversity, brought vividly to life by expert guides.

Hear the intriguing story of Macquarie Harbour and its settlement;
Passage through Hells Gates the narrow entrance to Macquarie Harbour named by the convicts on their way to Sarah Island;
See high-tech aquaculture where hundreds of thousands of Tasmania’s famous Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout are farmed;
Cruise past the majesty of the rugged mountain ranges in Tasmania’s World Heritage listed South West Wilderness National Park;
Spend two hours in the serenity of the imposing Gordon River, complete with a stroll into the rainforest, which reclaimed the land after the last Great Ice Age.

Listen to our narrative, which brings the river and its rich history to life complete what is an unforgettable experience on the Gordon River.
Enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch freshly prepared on board - includes smoked salmon, cold meats, a selection of salads, fresh fruit, Tasmanian cheeses and local bakery bread in Strahan, Tasmania. 

World Heritage Cruises truly offers the ultimate wilderness cruise experience.